Michaela Christiane Wiegele

Solo exhibition:


Hermine Wiegele exhibition room in the house where Franz Wiegele was born
Nötsch im Gailtal

Due to the current political measures,
the opening of the exhibition “ERDE – SONNENKLANG”
has been postponed to 24. Mai (Pfingstmontag 2021)
3 pm.

Group exhibition:

Kunstraum Villach – birds flying into liberty

until March 20, 2021

On the occasion of 100 years of the Carinthian referendum

“CARINTHIja 2020 - A country in time travel and perspectives”

Film contribution to Gerhard Leeb's big bridge project
“Kje si ti - Where are you” by Michaela Christiane Wiegele
Film and editing: Peter Jocham


Once upon a time there was a gate that made history, because it was HUGE and BRIGHT, like the entire starry sky, so BRIGHT, seen from ALL. - And it was a special GATE, because it spoke to the PEOPLE who walked through it: “I have the power that God has given me, I have nothing more, and I don't want to serve the world, but him.
My power runs smoothly, does not suppress (s) because it is free, as God's will leaves us free, and it is carried by the power of LOVE, which is not a power, but the strongest force. "
Everyone was amazed in front of it and through it, because suddenly they realized how simple and beautiful everything is. Their lives shone with joy and everyone was ready to serve one another, completely unselfish, because they finally knew who they were, an infinitely valuable part of the whole that speaks - "I am who I am."

Michaela Christiane Wiegele